Why the Visual and Performing Arts?

We, at Bullard TALENT K-8, believe that we have one of the most powerful tools for teaching and fostering the development of independence – the visual and performing arts. Through the arts, our students are challenged daily to look at the world through a lens of multiple outcomes which encourages creative approaches to problem solving. Inherent in the visual and performing arts is a respect, acceptance and celebration of differences, and critical factors in learning how to work together for a common goal.  

The opportunity to regularly express oneself through music, visual art, theater, and movement builds the foundation for effective communication that gives rise to personal advocacy. Put these all together and you get a confidence that knows no bounds and ultimately puts our students on the road to independence and to be college and career ready, making them ready to navigate the challenges that our ever-changing world is certain to throw their way.

– Jane Wagner

Learn more about our Visual and Performing Arts Program here!

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